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Design a Healthier Snack Food

Help improve nutrition by creating a healthier snack for kids. Work with experts from PepsiCo and talented peers from around the world to bring your idea to life. Finalists will receive cash prizes and the chance to present their idea to PepsiCo’s global product development team.

The Challenge

The PepsiCo Healthier Snack Challenge is an international competition that encourages youth ages 13-25 to design a commercial food product that would be a healthier snack for kids. In phase one of this two-part challenge, participants will have an opportunity to form international teams and work virtually to design a nutritious snack. In phase two, five finalist teams will be matched with PepsiCo mentors as they further refine their ideas and resubmit their solutions for a chance to win the grand prize.

Important Dates
Phase I begins: April 10, 2017
Registration deadline: April 17, 2017
Deadline to sign up for Launchpad: April 20, 2017
Final Phase I ideas submitted: May 24, 2017
Phase II begins: Mid-June
Grand Prize winner selected: Mid-September 2017

The Platform

Launchpad is an innovation platform facilitating global collaboration and problem solving. Using Launchpad, international solvers work together to design solutions to challenges sponsored by top companies.

On this platform, you can meet other solvers from around the world, create teams, and work collaboratively to tackle the PepsiCo Healthier Snack Challenge. You can meet other solvers by posting and commenting in the Explore & Discuss section of Launchpad. Once you’ve found people you’re interested in working with, you can create a team in the Team Projects section.

Once part of a team, you will have a project page where you can share your work externally, or communicate privately with team members. In addition to a private team space, you’ll also be able to launch a team video chat and access a shared drive.

Rules & Requirements

Please ensure that you can meet the following requirements before signing up:

  • All individuals must be between the ages of 13-25 as of the date of registration in order to participate.
  • All participants must sign up on Launchpad and agree to the Terms of Service. Participants under the age of majority must submit a parent/guardian consent form before the challenge begins.
  • Challenge materials and solutions should be submitted in English in order to be considered.
  • Participants can work in teams or individually. Teams can be as large as 6.


Prizes will be awarded to teams that have been chosen as finalists at the end of Phase I, and to the final winner chosen at the end of Phase II. In addition to cash prizes, Finalists under 18 years old will be admitted into The Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences in the 2017-2018 year, and finalists over 18 years old will receive a year of free Membership to the New York Academy of Sciences.  

*This challenge is international; therefore participants from all countries and with any background are eligible to participate in the Challenge, except where prohibited by applicable laws. Prizes, will be awarded in accordance with U.S. law which may restrict or prohibit awards to teams within countries subject to U.S. sanctions.  

Phase I:
Cash Prize

5 finalists will be selected.

Phase II:
Grand Prize

One winner will be selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
Phase I
Phase II
Does participation cost anything?
No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win the Challenge. The purchase of any good or service will not increase a Participant's chance of winning the Challenge.
Do I need to travel anywhere to participate in the challenge?
No travel is necessary to participate. The Challenge takes place virtually and all communication can be done via Launchpad.
Where do I find information on the Challenge rules and criteria?
When the Challenge opens on April 10, 2017 information on the rules and criteria will be posted on the Challenges section of Launchpad.
What is the official language of the competition?
English is the official language. All communication on Launchpad should take place in english.
English is not my first language and I would like to communicate with my team members in my native language. Is that allowed?
All communication on Launchpad should be in English.
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What if I want to work with people I know? Can they be on my team?
Yes, if you would like to work with people you know, designate one person to be the team lead and create your project on Launchpad. After that, the rest of the team members can join the project.
What are the prizes?
Top 5 finalist teams from Phase I will win a $2,500 cash prize along with mentoring from PepsiCo scientists during Phase II. Phase II Grand prize winning team will $7,500 cash prize. Under 18- Finalists will be admitted into The Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences in the 2017-2018 year. Over 18- finalists will receive a year of free Membership to the New York Academy of Sciences.
Do I get a mentor?
5 finalist teams will be assigned a mentor from PepsiCo. Mentors will work with teams during Phase II.
What are the age requirements?
In order to participate you must be between the ages of 13-25 as of the date of registration.
If I am under 18 can I have someone on my team that’s over 18?
No. If you are under 18 you need to work with team members who are between the ages of 13-18.
What do I need to do in Phase I to meet the requirements?
Register and complete your profile on Launchpad. Submit your solution (1 per team), nutritional guidelines, and a consent form if you are under the age of majority.
What if I don’t meet the Phase I solution deadline?
If you do not meet the Phase I, or, if required, submit a consent form by the deadline, you will be disqualified.
What is the minimum and maximum team size?
Minimum team size is 1 maximum team size is 6.
When will the Phase I finalists be announced?
Finalists will be announced in mid-June
Who are the judges?
See judges section below.
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How are the solutions scored?
Solutions will be scored based on the criteria outlined on the rules and criteria posted on the Challenges section of Launchpad.
If I am under 18 do I need parental or guardian consent to submit a solution?
The parent(s) or guardian(s) of any participant under the age of majority in his/her country will need to submit a signed consent form stating that they agree to comply with the rules and Terms of Service of this challenge. Consent forms must be submitted before the challenge begins. If you did not receive a consent form please contact us at hello@joinlaunchpad.com.
Where can I find the consent form?
If you did not receive a consent form when you registered for the challenge please contact us at hello@joinlaunchpad.com.
How do I submit my consent form?
The consent form can be found at this link.
How do I know I am meeting the nutritional guidelines?
The nutritional guidelines working document will indicate any rules and criteria.
What happens during Phase II?
During Phase II of the Challenge you will get an opportunity to work with a PepsiCo mentor as you refine your solution over a 60-day period.
How do I get a mentor?
Finalists will be assigned a mentor from PepsiCo.
How do I communicate with my mentor?
You can communicate with your mentor on your project page on Launchpad, just like you communicate with other team members.
What do I submit at the end of Phase II?
At the end of Phase II you will submit a revised solution.
When will the grand prize winner be announced?
The grand prize winner will be announced in mid- September.

The Judges

Our judges are experienced nutrition experts and product developers that will review projects based on effectiveness and commercial viability. Additional judges will be added as they are confirmed.

Iris Huang
Director, PepsiCo Research & Development

R&D Director responsible for the Kids and Seniors Global Innovation platform

Enrique Michel
Sr. Manager, Strategy & R&D Portfolio Management

During his 11 years at PepsiCo he has led multiple product and process development initiatives.

Richard Black, PhD
Principal, Quadrant D Consulting

Richard has worked in the field of Nutrition for over 25 years, bridging science and marketing to develop compelling and captivating consumer products and messages.

Janice M.W. Rueda, Ph.D.
Director, Research and Business Development, Archer Daniels Midland Company

At ADM, she has worked extensively in child nutrition research, program evaluation and nutrition policy, developing global markets and policy for beans and bean ingredients.

Joanne L. Slavin
PhD, RD, Professor, University of Minnesota

She is the author of more than 250 scientific publications and numerous book chapters and review articles and has advised 65 graduate students who work in universities, food companies, and health care facilities.

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